What WE Do!

We design, install, maintain, repair & convert (to LED) outdoor lighting systems for homes and businesses...ITS WHAT WE DO! Outdoor Lighting & Flagpole Sales & Installation is our primary business unlike most who install outdoor!

Located IN the Historic Oradell Train Station 400 Maple Ave | Oradell, NJ 07649.

​​How WE Do It!

The PanaLuna Process

  • Consultation and Project Evaluation
  • Free Demonstration (if desired)
  • Lighting Design Presentation & Pricing (no surprises)
  • Installation utilizing the Best Practices in the industry
  • Night-time Final Adjustments 
  • Turn the lights on!
  • Review of System | Important Documentation Provided  
  • Follow Up 2-3 weeks after installation 
  • 1 Year FREE maintenance (Spring & Fall)

Why WE Do It!

  • Because WE are PASSIONATE about Outdoor Lighting!
  • Because WE would love to see an American Flag flying on as many properties as possible!
  • Because WE love Creating RavingFans

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It's What WE Do!

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400 Maple Ave, Oradell, NJ